Updates and Alerts

from 11-9-2012



  • There is an invoice that is generating throughout Trackers' customers that is from DNS Services (see attached sample). This a SCAM and please disregard!


  • Microsoft and Mac recently had a software update. This may have effected your ability to send emails. Please click on the following to check your settings. If the settings are correct, and you are still having issues, please give us a call.
    Email Instructions


  • 10 Falied login attemtps to your mail account will lock down your networks IP Address and no one will be able to get their email that uses that IP Address. Please check here first or give us a call fi you are having issues. Please don't continue to attempt logging in and shut down your entire office.



If you have any questions about any of the above, please feel free to email sales@trackerdesigns.com or call the office at 636-332-0348. Thank You