The first and most important step is having a consultation. Please contact us to discuss your project in depth. The main points to review are the goals you want to achieve, direction, audience, and how you want to see your website grow in the future.

Quote & Contract

Following the initial meetup, we will have a good idea of what you want to achieve. We will then outline your project and send a proposal which will include services and costs. Once an agreement is made we will proceed with a general web design layout.


Once you receive your layout please provide us with any feedback you have. The most important part of this process is nailing down the positioning of items on the site such as your logo, navigation and content area, as well as colors and graphics used. Once a layout is approved by you we will proceed to the next step.


During this stage in the process our team will begin to take your design and turn it into a full functioning website. We may request items that you would like on your site, such as photos and content.

Proofing & Testing

Once we are coming to a finishing point of development, we will send a link for you to start reviewing your site. Again, you can send us feedback and any other content changes you may have. We will also continue testing and tweaking your site to ensure there are no problems.


Your site will officially go live when you are happy with the results from the modifications.