Are mobile sites important in the world of apps?

A mobile site is the lighter version of a full-fledged website, designed specifically for smaller devices like tablets and smartphones. Mobile sites allow users to access content even on slow data connections without any obligation to download them. In contrast, a mobile application needs to be downloaded from authenticated platforms like Google Play Store and App Store in order to be used.

The mobile applications are ideal for those people who use any particular service frequently, such as cab booking and mobile recharge. Whereas a mobile site is designed to facilitate a hassle-free communication to users wanting to access a web page via tablets or smartphones.

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Nowadays, most tech startups build mobile apps with the aim to get millions of downloads and enhance customer loyalty. However, they sideline the fact that mobile sites play a huge role when it comes to customer engagement. If you run a venture or are planning to launch one that caters to serving mobile customers, make sure you give a serious thought to building a mobile site. Here are some of the reasons that prove their importance and relevance in today’s time.

Give users the freedom they seek

To be able to use mobile apps in a hassle-free manner, users have to first download them on their devices and then update them from time to time. However, it’s not the case with mobile sites. Users can access mobile sites as per their choice without unnecessarily blocking their devices’ physical memory.

Greater visibility

Since many apps are listed either on the App Store or Google Play Store, their reach and visibility are restricted. However, mobile sites are indexed on various search engines; they’re easy to find and often enjoy higher traffic than mobile apps. Besides, you can also divert traffic from your main site to your mobile site without causing users any trouble. Something that’s not possible in the case of applications.

Cross sharing of content

When someone likes the content on any site, he/she can simply share it with others on different platforms with just one click. Publishers can even direct people to any site from a blog, email, website, or even print resources. Mobile application fail miserably at it.

Cost of development

The development of a mobile site is hundred times more cost-effective and less time-consuming than native mobile apps. The cost associated with app development doesn’t end with the initial launch. In fact, it’s the beginning of such expenses. Over time, you need to invest a considerable amount of money in regular upgrades, testing, and bug fixes of an application. These costs are very limited in the case of a mobile site.

Lest you’re planning to launch a gaming platform or one with native functionality, go for a mobile application. However, if you wish to develop a platform that works on all the devices, costs very less and can be setup without any hassle, then mobile sites are the best bets for you.